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At NakedQ, we want you to feel like you’re at home, wherever home is. That’s why our mission is to give you the freedom to eat the BBQ you love. Rewind back before the birth of NakedQ, Pitboss Oren traveled all over the country & ate a lot of BBQ. While he enjoyed every bite, he also learned that it means something different depending on where you’re from:


In the Carolinas, it’s not BBQ unless there’s pork and a vinegary sauce. 

In Memphis, you better be craving ribs. 

If you’re from St. Louis or Kansas City, you’re going to be expecting a tomatoey sauce.

Texas BBQ is all about the beef brisket. 


Oren took all of these BBQ experiences from across the country and created NakedQ, where we rub, smoke and serve our meats naked (without sauce) like pork, ribs, brisket, links, turkey, and chicken with our tried and true recipes.

From our North Carolina-style vinegar sauce to South Carolina mustard sauce to traditional sweet or spicy sauces you can choose to enjoy it, the way you love it because BBQ is as American as apple pie (even though we prefer peach.)


Eat Naked!


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